Chairman's Speech

Satwant Singh Dani


On behalf of Sarvottam Educational Society, I extend hearty welcome to all you seeking admission in this excellent institution, the Sarvottam Academy. Like this mythical phoenix, the academy has reclaimed its rightful place as the institution which garners attention of all today. With the strenuous efforts of the management, the academy has been set on the path of ascendency and sustain ability.

Faculty and staff are to be commended for having demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the academy in the best of times as well as during its most vulnerable moments. With their enthusiasm for hard work, the Academy is entering a new chapter of what I calls its “Flight to the Future.”

We, all are keen to prepare you for today’s world of insecurity, to enable you to confront and manage the constant technological, economic and environmental change and innovation of our times., to equip you with subtle tools of critical reading, thinking and writing; to make you see, imagine and evaluate the world in an objective manner, to live and work fully and completely, yet, armed with “Sarvottam” ethos and traditions of faith, high ethical practices and strong commitment to service and social justice.

Devoted students and dedicated staff can make miracles happen. Take care of your devotion; dedication from our side is promised.

I wish you a good and prosperous future.

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